Happy New Year guys from Boerne, Texas!  I have hit the floor running into this new year with lots of excitement about the upcoming events!  First, I am making a dream come true and having built-ins custom built for my studio so I can get organized and find all my goodies when I need them!  Former wedding clients of mine from Southern Cactus Woodworks are building them as I type this!  I’m so excited to work with Michaella and Austin!  They are beyond talented and super sweet and I can’t wait to share the finished product!!

Next up….MINI SESSIONS!!  Y’all!!  I am going to have a bunch of mini sessions this year!  Right now I am booking my 2nd Annual Bluebonnet Minis in downtown Boerne on March 29th!  Last year I had 22 mini sessions set and we had a flood on that mini session day and rained them all out.  I was able to shoot during the next week and got some shot and didn’t miss the bluebonnets.  Hopefully luck is on my side this year and we get it done on March 29th with sunshine and NO RAIN!

Next on the busy agenda will be The Poppy House in Castroville!  I will hold mini sessions on Good Friday, April10th!  These are very limited and I already have 2 booked!  I have never shot at the Poppy House but I am so excited to do this since poppies are my absolute favorite flower in the whole wide world!!  If you’ve never heard or seen The Poppy House here is a photo of its beauty!!  This is not my photo…. And then on April 19th I will be at the Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg for their poppy goodness!!  I have shot there and it is gorgeous!!  The second photo is one of the seniors I shot there several years ago.

Next up…..Katy the Unicorn is coming once again this year and will be at it all day on April 18th!!  Katy is getting old and her feet are killing her but she loves all her little princess and can’t wait to see you all this year and give lots of kisses as she always does.  She is also pretty excited about all the carrots and goodies everyone brings her!  I do not have a flyer yet for these but here is a couple of photos of just how precious she is with all of her little girls!!

Next up…BABY GOATS y’all!!  I am going to be a goat Mommy!  I have 5 Nigerian Pygmy goats and all 3 of my females are due to have babies in late May/Early June and guess what?!?!?  I am going to have Baby Goat Minis when they arrive!!  I am not sure the exact day of course so it will be a very fast booking but I will keep you all updated!  There is nothing cuter than a baby goat and these pygmy goats are tiny!!  I am so excited!  Here is a photo of a baby goat like I will be having!!

Next up…Sunflowers!!  I’m still working out the date but thinking somewhere around June 20th I will be holding my 2nd Annual Sunflower Minis in Hondo!!  Here’s a little preview of last years sessions!  It was my favorite!!  So beautiful!!!

Whew!  That’s a lot of mini sessions guys and just gets us through half of 2020 but I’m so excited for all of these!!  Remember if you are wanting a Mommy and Me session or a sibling session or a family session you can do all these in these mini sessions!  And if you guys have any ideas of things you would like, ask me!  I bet we can come up with something!  I’m here for you all and can’t wait to capture another year of all your special moments!!  Here’s to a very blessed and prosperous new year for everyone!  Happy 2020 guys!!!