Carter & Kinsler’s Debut ~ Big Spring Newborn Photographer

Meet Carter Gray and Kinsler William, the newest addition to the Wash family!  Derek and Crystal were absolutely estatic to welcome their baby boys into this world on January 11th!  Carter and Kinsler are also some of my special Oh Baby, babies!  Can’t wait to see them every 6 months and capture their adorableness through my lens!  They are officially the newest and smallest babies I have ever photographed!  I knew with them being under 5 pounds each that they would be tiny, but actually seeing them and holding them in person just made them even smaller!  They acted like true brothers and actually even had a little push and shove match in the bread bowl!!  It was so cute!!  Boys, Miss Chanda will see you in 6 months and I can’t wait to see you!!  Thank you Derek and Crystal for allowing me to watch these two special little boys grow up through my lens!



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