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On October 13th it will have been one year that little Marin Howell lost her Daddy, Josh Howell.  Last year at this time I did a photoshoot for Marin’s 1 year pictures and her Mommy and Daddy were both there and we got some great photos, ones that I treasure more than any I have taken for people.  I’m so thankful that we had this photoshoot last year, just a mere 3 or 4 weeks before Josh’s life was taken on his motorcycle, the very motorcycle in the pictures with Marin.  Josh loved his little girl and these pictures will forever be a part of Marin’s life to show just how much he did love her.  Since then, Kimmy has done a remarkable job at trying to “find their smiles” again.  Kimmy has a folder on her Facebook called just that and its their life, after they lost Josh.  Kimmy brought Josh’s boots that he wore in the photoshoot last year and it was all I could do to keep my composure in front of Marin when her little feet stepped into her Daddy’s boots.

Josh’s sister, Sheena came for the photoshoot and Marin loves her NeNe!  Also, Kimmy’s parents Laura and Ernie came along and it was Marin’s 1st cousin, Taelor’s birthday as well!  Kaela brought along a cake that Laura made and balloons to celebrate Taelor’s 1st Birthday!  Marin and Taelor shared Taelor’s cake to celebrate birthday’s one and two for the girls!  We had a great session and it was so, so good to see everyone again and their smiles!  This family holds a special place in my heart!  Love you all!!





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  1. Brandi Ditto

    Beautiful!!!! When I read this…my eyes filled with tears and a knot popped up in my throat!! This is something that the Howell family will have forever!! We love y’all!!

  2. Wakenda Dunlap

    I just wanted to say that these pictures are amazing. You are a very talented photographer. The pictures brought a tear to my eyes. Kimmy has done an amazing job at making sure Marin was happy and the rest of the family has done amazing also. Such a sad situation but you don’t see this in the photos. Great job!!

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