I Do It For the Babies….

As a newborn photographer there are tons of behind the scenes things I do to protect all my babies!  I don’t allow pets in my studio because who knows who will be allergic; I keep my nails short and I don’t wear my wedding ring so I don’t scratch a baby.  I don’t wear perfume on newborn shooting day and I use lots and lots of hand sanitizer.  I bleach and disinfect everything that a baby wears or touches or soils in my studio.  I get down on my hands and knees and keep the floor spic and span!  I keep my vaccines up to date because most of the time my studio is the very first outing a newborn will have.  Keeping all my babies healthy is a priority to me!  I love me some babies!  Give me all the babies!!

So when choosing a newborn and children’s photographer please keep these important things in mind!  There are so many more things to consider than just pretty pictures!!

Photos are just a few from my latest sessions in the studio!


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